Boogie-Woogie – Danny Moynihan

410 Gone

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“A darkly humorous satire of  sex, greed, fame, and pretension in the back rooms of the New York art world.”

Like The Player‘s hilariously poker-faced dissection of Hollywood, Boogie-Woogie‘s lurid quick cuts uncover of the tenderest portions of the ’90′s New York art world’s underbelly

Elaine Yoon, a tattooed, pierced, Chinese-Californian lesbian, obsessively seduces straight women, and films video shorts of her sexual conquests. Jo Richards, an intellectually challenged installation artist grappling with the idea of peripheral vision, knows the whereabouts of Mondrian’s last painting. Art Spindle, a cravat-wearing, reptilian art dealer, desperately wants to sell the Mondrian, when he isn’t sleeping with Jean Maclestone, collector and art-hag, the vain wife of stuttering über-collector Bob Maclestone.

This cast of characters dance through incestuous working relationships, run-ins with incompetent gallery owners, and the lure of manipulative art dealers. Danny Moynihan’s deliciously satirical sexual deviants, attention seekers, and would-be murderers ring true in this sophisticated, sharply observed, darkly humorous novel.

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